Fife Festival of Music


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Fife Festival of Music welcomes feedback, and if you experienced the Festival in any capacity, you are inivited to comment on your experience. This can be done from the Feedback Form page.

Below is a sample of some of the comments we have received.

2014 Period 'A' Festival

"We really enjoyed the event: it was lovely to see and hear others perform. Thank you for all the practical help on the day."  Teacher

"Once again my pupils have learned a lot and enjoyed the Festival."  Teacher

"Fantastic opportunity as always for the pupils to perform on stage in front of peers. Pupils benefit from seeing other schools and pupils."  Teacher

"An excellent evening – very impressed with the talent that exists in Fife. FFoM is going from strength to strength. Long may it continue." Audience member

"Very well organised event. We all thoroughly enjoyed performing and being part of the audience." Teacher

2013 Period 'A' Festival

"Fife Festival of Music has been such a good part of our children’s experience as they have grown up. Thank you all."

"Congratulations to the FFoM team for a great festival this year. My family and pupils had a really good experience, encouraged by some very fine adjudicators."

"For every one of my 54 pupils participating, it was a happy, positive and enjoyable experience."

"Thank you for the Festival and for a really enjoyable week."

"Congratulations on some bold changes. It was good to have fewer but bigger classes. We’re proud to be able to be part of it."

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