Fife Festival of Music

Festival 2015 - Period B

May 2015 - Period B

On Sunday 24 May, the Fife Festival of Music 2015 'B' event took place at Dunfermline High School. The 'B' period event is designed for young instrumentalists to provide a group music making opportunity in a non-competitive environment. 55 players mostly from West Fife and ranging from primary 7 to secondary 3 stages attended the whole day 'Fife Festival Orchestra' starting from scratch at 10 am and providing a lively concert performance at 3.30pm for around 100 parents and friends. The day was led by former Fife musician Ronan Watson now working in North Ayrshire and supported in partnerships with Dunfermline High School, Fife's Instrumental Music Service and Fife Youth Music Activities Charitable Trust.


The first picture shows the players with conductor Ronan Watson in the foreground.   

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